Feature-packed managent app for coworking spaces

Receipt management does not have to be a pain

Powerful management for coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are great! You know that already. But the management can be hard and definitely time consuming. Ever forgot to send an invoice or forgot about your availibilty? From now on you can manage your coworking community, invite new members and send them invoices through your own dashboard. So you will have all hands free for the stuff you love to do. ♥️

Some of the powerful features

👶 👧 👦 Give your community a face

👩 📧 Easily invite new members by email

♻️ Automatically invite members to your Slack team (other integrations coming!)

🖥🙋🖥 Get an instant overview of the desks you have available

🔑🏢 Let members checkin to your space

📠💰 Send invoices to your members (or even automatically)

💻 🕹 🖥 Organise desks however you like